University Of Toronto International Health Program


The University of Toronto International Health Program (UTIHP) is a student run non-profit organization that acts a forum for deliberation and discussion about global health. They needed a redesigned website to become a centralized platform for their cross campus efforts.

UTIHP Responsive Layout UTIHP Campus and About Pages

I designed a responsive site that was heavily focused on simplicity and legibility across devices. I was able to reinvigorate the existing brand through spacious layout and hierarchy. I combined the typefaces Lato and Cabin to give a site a youthful yet dignified tone. I moved quickly from static design visuals to front-end design through code in the browser. This helped get the work in context sooner and allowed for an agile workflow that enabled me to meet a tight deadline for a site this size.

UTIHP Desktop Tablet and Mobile Layouts UTIHP Brand Refinement

Committees across the St George, Mississauga and Scarborough campus's are affiliated with UTIHP. I gave each committee their own colour scheme and branding that fits within the overall UTIHP master brand. During this branding exercise I also refined the UTIHP word mark to ensure better legibility. Each Campus has a page that shows their associated committees as well as recent news and upcoming events.

User Interface Elements

I used a number of different elements and patterns to organize content and provide variety throughout the templates. This is coupled with a tailored Wordpress backend that helps editors filter and categorize posts across campuses and committees, uses custom fields to deliver bespoke pages and custom post types to manage event listings.

It was fulfilling being able to offer a small non-profit organization a focused solution designed and build around their needs and humbling to be able to contribute to an inspiring cause.

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